How to choose suitable packing machine?


(1) Compared with "technical equipment level"

Packing machine are controlled by PLC, and they are also operated by human-machine interface, but the points and methods of control are  different. There is a qualitative difference in the operability, safety, stability, accuracy, and sensitivity of the equipment. Of course, the manufacturing cost of the packing machine and the price is different. Only by comparing on the same level of technical equipment that can reflect the high and low prices.


(2)Compare with "functional satisfaction"

Which functions you most want to achieve, what are the major and minor of these functions, and which packing machine provided by the supplier  meets your functional requirements well. The higher the compliance, the more You bought the product you most want to buy. In fact, the function configuration of this nature can completely improve packing machine operation management or improving the operator's sense of responsibility, such functions are "options", depending on the company's economic strength and product safety standards to decide whether to configure.


(3) Compare "Satisfaction of after-sales service"

Because the packaging machine is the final production process of the product. The failure rate, downtime of the packaging machine and the timeliness of maintenance directly affect the market supply and reputation of the company's products, and directly affect the product manufacturing costs and economic benefits of the company, so when purchasing packing machines, the influence of after-sales service on packing machine operation cannot be ignored, and suppliers (or agents) with good after-sales service should be selected as much as possible. Buying packing machine is a one-time expense, and after-sales service is a daily expense. When purchasing packaging machine at home and abroad, many companies are most concerned about how much it costs to buy the equipment, and rarely discuss and measure the cost of after-sales service. This is a common omission in the current equipment procurement of enterprises.


(4) Save "equipment operating costs"

The operating cost of packaging equipment, including: energy consumption (water, electricity, steam, compressed air, etc.), the number and quality requirements of operators, the price and replacement frequency of spare parts and wearing parts, the cost of after-sales service engineers, the use age of equipment and depreciation rate. In today's fierce competition in the food market, cost competitive advantages have emerged. Because of the convergence of marketing costs, the level of manufacturing costs may determine the life of the enterprise. Therefore, when purchasing packaging machine, we must compare the level of operating costs with the comprehensive weighing of procurement costs is truly responsible for the development and survival of the enterprise.


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