Industry News

  • 16-12-2019

    How to choose suitable packing machine?

    The report provides a packing machine select suggestion, tell people how to choose suitable packing machine.

  • 31-08-2019

    Foreseeable momentum of food packaging machines

    As an emerging industry, food packaging machines have been automated and have a good development prospect in China.

  • 31-08-2019

    The development of powder packing machine

    In the modern market, competitiveness comes not only from the quality of the product, but also from the cost of production, which is the price advantage.

  • 31-08-2019

    Prospects for food packaging machinery

    Following the rapid development of China's market economy and the improvement of people's quality of life, condiments, snack foods and frozen foods have entered the family and enterprises. This directly drives the demand for related food packaging, and also provides valuable development opportunities for the food packaging machinery industry, showing a broad market prospect.

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